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is set 20 years after the events in the post-collapse world of Since Tomorrow. Only a handful of the residents of Frost’s farm have survived. It is up to them to find a new site for the farm before they are all wiped out by disease.

“You will have to wade through a lot of books before you find ones as good as the first two of the Raincoast Trilogy.”
D. Hood

Morgan Nyberg


From reviews of SINCE TOMORROW:

“On a par with McCarthy's The Road but with intrinsic threads of hope woven within the narrative.”
Michael Johnson

“This book stunned me with its power and richness.”
Jule Romans

“SINCE TOMORROW is a must for fans of the post-apocalyptic genre.”
Anastasia McPherson

Poor Mac McKnight! Wracked by guilt, driven by reckless courage, counseled by alcohol, assailing the evil-doers even if it means tearing down his own world. Mac came to the city of Esperanza in the high Andes hoping to find an El Dorado of the spirit. He leaves it on the run. In the process does he abandon his only hope for peace?

Mr. Millennium

Gabor Esterhazy is Mr. MILLENNIUM, a bright, young but troubled manual laborer who is taken under the very shady wing of a secret society.  Follow Gabor as he goes determinedly off the rails, and his journey toward happiness becomes a dark and comic shambles of lust, deceit and mortal danger.

For younger readers & the young at heart

A Plague of Daytime Darkness. A Plague of Antigravity. Danger, hilarity, magic and the world’s worst film company

Bad Day in Gladland Galahad Schwartz and the Cockroach Army

Winner of Canada’s Governor General’s Literary Award

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